The Elite Theatre & Oxnard Community

The Elite Theatre Company has adopted a Community First approach to engaging members of our local community in the services we provide. This multi part program uses different paths to interact with residents of Oxnard and Ventura County.

Upcoming Service Oriented Events and Programs

Arts Are For Everyone – This program makes tickets accessible to those who would not traditionally be able to afford the cost of attending a production at The Elite Theatre Company. We ask that those interested provide us with basic contact information so we can confirm their ticket and availability, and then treat this as we would a traditionally purchased ticket. The only information that is kept for our records is the guests zip code so that we may review the communities impacted by this program every year.

Open Mic Nights – For $5 guests are offered the opportunity to step into the spotlight and share their talents with their family, friends, and neighbors. We have seen all types of performers across every age range step onto our stage to share their talents. Guests who would like to attend but are unable to cover the $5 cost at the door may use the Arts Are for Everyone Application to submit their name in advance for the event.

The Elite Conservatory – This free extensive training program consists of classes in:

  • Business of the Business
  • Theatre Tech
  • Voice and Speech
  • Improv
  • Acting 101
  • Script Analysis
  • Character Development through Improvisation
  • Advanced Scene Study.

Conservatory Students are asked to make several time commitments to the program and the theatre as they foster and develop their theatre education. At the end of the program students will organize a Conservatory Performance and be given the task of putting up the final One Act in the 2020 Main Stage Season. Students will need to select a One Act, pitch it to the ETCetera Stage Coordinator, and the Artistic Director. Once approved students will work with the Elite Production team to produce the performance just like any other show. This is a fully immersive theatre training experience, giving students access and responsibilities like nothing we’ve done before.

Kids Summer Studio – This free program will run Saturday mornings in July, led by President and Managing Producer Stephanie Rice, for children ages 5 to 17 and family members who wish to participate. Participants will enjoy various theatre games, dances, and exercises on stage together.

Past Service Oriented Events and Programs

Shakespeare Summer Camp – Last year The Elite Theatre program was honored to host a two week long Shakespeare Summer Camp, led by ETCetera Stage Coordinator Bill Walthall. This free program was open to members of the community ages 13 to 23, culminating in a fantastic production of works selected by the students.

The Elite Theatre Partnership with Teatro De las Americas – While it is not uncommon for The Elite Theatre Company to offer our space, we believe the work Teatro De Las Americas is doing is so important to our community that we have taken on the promotion of their work as if it were our own, and asked them back to work with us again and again. Teatro has also offered to help us in our own efforts as we strive to offer more Spanish language programming at The Elite as we move forward, we are lucky to have their friendship and support. Teatro has an amazingly talented team, and have been wonderful to work with. We are thrilled to see them opening up their own space in the coming year and are so happy to have them as a part of our family at The Elite.

Community Polling Location – The Elite Theatre Company is honored to continue to open our doors as a Community Polling Place for the members of our local Community.

Support for local Community Non Profit Organizations – The Elite Theatre Company is proud to offer our support to several local nonprofit organizations. With multiple donations of both flex tickets, and season passes The Elite believes that a generous tide raises all ships and believes that community and philanthropy work together for the betterment of us all.