God's Country by Steven Dietz

The Elite Theatre Company will be holding auditions for Steven Dietz’s God’s Country on Saturday, March 14 at noon, and Monday, March 16 at 7PM. Callbacks will take place on Tuesday, March 17 at 7PM. All sessions will take place on the ETCetera Stage at the Elite Theatre Company, located at 2731 South Victoria Avenue, in Oxnard’s Fisherman’s Wharf.

God’s Country is Dietz’s docudrama (90% of which is comprised of court transcripts and interview material), recounting the rise and fall (and subsequent trial of the surviving members) of the white supremecist paramilitary group The Order, which perpetrated the most successful organized crime spree in the US during the early and mid-1980s. It is an intense piece of theatre which will be directed by Bill Walthall as an immersive experience, placing the audience both in the courtroom and the inner circle of the group. It is intended for mature audiences.

The play will run on the ETCetera Stage at the Elite from May 22 through June 14th, Friday and Saturday evenings at 8PM and Sunday afternoons at 2PM.

The casting needs are varied as twelve actors will play more than 40 roles (somewhat flexible on genders and ages).  Click on the actor numbers below to download that character’s audition sides!

  • ACTOR ONE (man, 50’s)
    Farrell (retired Air Force colonel); Phillips (attorney for David Lane); Pastor One; Savage (attorney for Andrew Barnhill); Father; Detective Kerber; David Lane (defendant)
    The key here is flexibility as he will have seven distinct speaking roles; must be seen as a leader.
  • ACTOR TWO (woman, 40’s)
    Leatherman (attorney for Randy Duey); Judith Berg
    The key here is quiet strength (particularly for Judith Berg).
  • ACTOR THREE (man, 40/50’s)
    Alan Berg (radio talk show host)
    The key here is brash confidence (there’s but one role, but it’s a meaty one).
  • ACTOR FOUR (woman, 30’s)
    Mueller (prosecuting attorney); Wife of the Farmer
    The key here is strength and intelligence (Mueller is the lead prosecutor, a major role).
  • ACTOR FIVE (man, 30’s)
    Denver Parmenter (witness for the prosecution)
    The key here is a certain sympathetic likeability (Parmenter is our window into the Order).
  • ACTOR SIX (woman, 20’s)
    Zillah Craig (mistress); Student; Anath White (radio producer); Ms. Wiggins (neighbor of Alan Berg)
    The key here is youth–sensual and weirdly compliant (for the most important of the four roles).
  • ACTOR SEVEN (man, 30’s)
    Elliot (publisher); Ward (prosecuting attorney); Pastor Two; Robinson (prosecuting attorney); Randall Rader (witness for the prosecution); Dr. Ogura (coroner’s pathologist); Gary Lee Yarbrough (defendant)
    The key here is flexibility again (seven distinct speaking roles); must portray intelligence.
  • ACTOR EIGHT (man, 30’s)
    Chappel (attorney for Jean Craig); Farmer; Pastor Three; Peter Lake (filmmaker); Mister Smith (conspiratologist); Thomas Martinez (witness for the prosecution); Bruce Pierce (defendant)
    The key here is again flexibility (seven roles) and a certain scary aggression.
  • ACTOR NINE (could be either [preferably male], 20’s)
    Halprin (attorney for Ardie McBrearty); Candidate; Patrick Connor (promotion assistant); Officer Phelan
    The key here is youth and ambition.
  • ACTOR TEN (man, late 20’s)
    Robert Jay Mathews; Skinhead
    The key here is scary but with a resolute and charming charisma.
  • ACTOR ELEVEN (could be either [preferably male], late 20’s-40’s)
    Candidate; Mister Jones (conspiratologist); Ruark (attorney for Bruce Pierce); Voice of the Court (except where noted)
    The key here is flexibility, playing both youthful ambition and middle-age cynicism.
  • BOY (8-12 years old)
    The key here is fearlessness; this character says some pretty heinous stuff, and the actor must be ready to do so.

Audition sides are linked to the Actor Number above.