Audition Notice for Seven-Player Cymbeline by Shakespeare

Seven-Player Cymbeline

The Elite Theatre Company is proud to announce auditions for its upcoming production of Seven-Player Cymbeline (aka Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits) — an adaptation of the late-period Shakespearean romance, directed by Bill Walthall, running for four non-consecutive Saturdays at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center, June 10 and 17, and July 15 and 22, 2023. Performances are Saturday mornings at 10am (additional performances away from OPAC may be announced later).


Seven-Player Cymbeline (aka Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits) is a 90-minute, stripped-down adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known works; the adaptation combines the text from the Bard’s late-period romance with George Bernard Shaw’s rewrite of the ending, and tossing in a game-show for good measure, all done with seven performers and a stage manager playing twenty-nine roles.


It’s going to be wild. Really wild.


Outdoor performances, between buildings of the Oxnard Performing Arts Center, will presented FREE!!!



Auditions will be held at the Elite Theater, 2731 Victoria Avenue, in Fisherman’s Wharf at the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, California, at 6pm on Thursday, March 30, and 10am on Saturday, April 1, 2023.


Callbacks, if necessary, will also take place at The Elite at 6pm on Sunday, April 2.


Performers auditioning are requested to bring headshots and resumes to the audition.


Audition participants must present proof of vaccination and booster against COVID-19.


All roles are open.


CHARACTERS (3 m; 2 f; 3 either)

  • PLAYER 1 Imogen (daughter to Cymbeline); a Briton soldier (female presenting)
  • PLAYER 2 Posthumus (husband to Imogen); Cloten (son to the present queen); a royal attendant (an off-stage voice); a Roman captain (male presenting)
  • PLAYER 3 Cymbeline (King of Britain); Cloten’s attendant lord; a British captain/Jailer; trunk mover (male presenting)
  • PLAYER 4 Pisanio/ia (Posthumus’s servant); Philario/ia (Posthumus’s host in Rome); the ghost of one of Posthumus’s brothers; Roman soldier; a gentleman of the court/Briton lord (presenting either gender)
  • PLAYER 5 Iachimo (friend to Philario); Guiderius (child of Cymbeline by his former queen–living in the woods under the name of Polydor); Sicilius (the ghost of Posthumus’s father); Briton captain; a messenger (male presenting)
  • PLAYER 6 Cymbeline’s Queen; Belarius/ia (an exiled noble person–under the name of Morgan); the ghost of Posthumus’s mother; Philarmonus (a Roman soothsayer) (female presenting)
  • PLAYER 7 Cornelius/ia (a physician in Cymbeline’s court); Caius Lucius/ia (a Roman general); Arviragus/ia (child of Cymbeline by his former queen–living in the woods under the name of Cadwal); the ghost of another of Posthumus’s brothers; another gentleman of Cymbeline’s court; trunk mover (presenting either gender)
  • STAGE MANAGER …oh, and the god Jupiter (presenting either gender)


Audition sides:




Non-Equity/No pay


Questions can be emailed to bwalthall.etc[at]