The Elite Theatre Company announces the following changes to its management team effective September 1: 

The Board has chosen Mike Marsalisi as the Interim Artistic Director for the Elite Theatre Company for 2020. Michael originally served as a volunteer production photographer at The Elite Theatre Company in 2016 and returned as a board member in May of 2018. In addition to his duties as a member of the board, Michael has organized and produced multiple fundraising events, worked to improve community outreach, introduced and run our monthly Open Mic Nights, developed and taught an eight week improv intensive, as well as directed for and helped to co-produce our One Act Festival opening this September 20th. 

While Mike Marsalisi will be stepping in for the recently resigned L.J. Noel as Interim Artistic Director, the Elite Theatre Company is now calling for proposals for candidates who wish to be the Elite’s Artistic Director in 2021. Candidates should present a plan and vision for the future of the ETC in addition to an outline for a 2021 mainstage season. Aspects to consider include–but are not limited to–fundraising, budgeting, and community service. Proposals are due by June 30, 2020. 

The Elite is also proud to welcome as its newest member of the Board of Directors, Bill Walthall. Bill joined The Elite Theatre Company in 2018 as an actor. In the past year, he has helped coordinate events on the ETCetera Stage (formerly known as “the South Stage”). He recently taught the free two-week Shakespeare Summer Camp for Ventura County Youth.  Other Ventura County theaters that have benefited from his skills include Camarillo Skyway Playhouse, High Street Arts Center, and California Shakespeare Company. 

The Board of Directors at The Elite Theatre Company thanks Outgoing Artistic Director L.J. Noel for her indefatigable efforts on behalf of the Elite. During her tenure as Artistic Director, L.J. was invaluable to the Company in a time of turmoil and transition. We wish L.J. the best as she continues to be a stalwart of the local theatre community.

The Elite Theatre Company board of directors is as follows:
Board President Stephanie Rice, Secretary Jennifer Garcia, Treasurer Larry Shilkoff, Interim Artistic Director Mike Marsalisi, Ernie Morrison, Patrick Mullin, and ETCetera Stage Coordinator Bill Walthall.