‘night, Mother by Marsha Norman AUDITIONS!

'night, Mother by Marsha Norman

The Elite Theatre is proud to announce its upcoming production of ‘night, Mother – a play by Marsha Norman, directed by Brian Robert Harris, running for five weekends on the Main Stage from April 22 – May 22 , 2022.


On a seemingly normal evening, we meet Thelma Cates (Mama), an aging mother and widow who lives with her daughter, Jessie. Jessie is the divorced mother of a hoodlum son, who – unsatisfied and depressed – struggles with life as an unemployed epileptic. On this night, Jessie comes into the room asking her mother about the whereabouts of her father’s old revolver. When Jessie finds it in the attic, she confesses to her mother that she is going to kill herself. Tonight. At first, Mama laughs it off, thinking Jessie is just making a sick joke. But, as Jessie makes her way around the house, organizing, making lists, and teaching Mama her responsibilities, it soon becomes clear that it is not. As Mama pleads for Jessie to reconsider her decision, old secrets are revealed and long-ignored feelings rise to the surface. The mother-daughter bond between Jessie and Mama becomes stronger and lovelier than ever, making it possible for Jessie to end her noisy, cluttered existence, and enter a quieter, calmer life with closure and love.

Auditions will be held at the theatre, at 2731 S. Victoria Ave, Oxnard, on Saturday, March 5, from 3pm-5pm; and at 260 Maple Court, Ste 205, Ventura, on Sunday, March 6, from 7pm-10pm.

Performers auditioning are requested to bring headshots and resumes to the audition.

Auditions are for both female leads:

  • JESSIE CATES: late 30s or early 40s, pale, vaguely unsteady, but fully in control of her mind and body for the first time in years and determined to retain that control. Not normally much of a talker, usually somewhat outcast by her quirky sense of humor and fatalistic attitude, Jessie is very talkative tonight, with a peaceful sense of purpose, one eye always on the clock.
  • THELMA CATES: late 50s or early 60s, Jessie’s mother. She has begun to feel her age, so she takes it easy when she can, or when it suits her purposes for someone to help her. She speaks quickly and enjoys talking. She believes that things are what she says they are and possesses a mental sturdiness and certainty. She is chatty and nosy and this is HER house.


Audition sides are listed below:

1) Pgs 13-15, starting with Mama’s “What are you doing?” and ending with Jessie’s “Then call Loretta and see if she’ll do your nails.”

2) Pgs 24-26, starting with Jessie’s “Mama, I know you used to ride the bus,” ending with Jessie’s “Let’s just have a good time.”

3) Pgs 31-33, starting with Jessie’s “Did you love Daddy?” and ending with Jessie’s “It didn’t have to. I miss him.”

4) Pgs 38-40, starting with Jessie’s “Cecil left me because he made me choose between him and smoking” and ending with Jessie’s “10 years for armed assault…”

5) Pgs 48-50, starting with Mama’s “Jessie, how can I live here without you?” and ending with Jessie’s “Am I.”

Please indicate your interest in auditioning or send email to burkcom82[at]gmail.com, with “audition interest” and role in the subject line.

NOTE: Audition participants and actors must present proof of vaccination and booster against COVID-19 or an officially administered negative COVID-19 test (within the previous 72 hours) along with a photo ID. Regardless of vaccination status, cast and crew members will be required to wear a mask in compliance with current mandates.

‘night, Mother is presented with the approval of Dramatists Play Service, Inc.