The Latinx Experience AUDITIONS!

The Elite Theatre Company is proud to announce its upcoming production of The Latinx Experience, featuring Journey of the Skeletons, by Dr. Max Branscomb, directed by Juliana Acosta, running for five weekends on the Main Stage from September 9, 2022 to October 9, 2022.

Enjoy workshops, dancers, poets and a Dia de los Muertos Celebration on October 9.

September 9-11 will be series of workshops related to Dia de los Muertos that include flower making, mask making and understanding the significance of culture.

Weekends 2-4 (September 16-18, September 23-25, and September 30-October 2) will feature the play Journey of the Skeletons and local poets, storytellers, dancers and musicians.

The play will finish its run October 6-8, and the LatinX Experience will culminate in a Dia de los Muertos Celebration on Sunday, October 9th.

Mid-run, The Elite Theatre Company will host a free Grief Support Group in both English and Spanish for anyone who would like to attend.


Auditions will be held at The Elite on Monday and Tuesday, August 25 and 26, 6-8pm.


Performers auditioning are requested to bring headshots and resumes to the audition.

  • Guillermo (Memo) — Wise old Latino angel born in Texcoco who migrated illegally to
    San Diego in the 1950s. Fun-loving and gregarious, proud of his Aztec heritage but
    equally appreciative of his adopted American home. Loves sports and fishing.
  • Kenny — Former salmon fisherman from Port Angeles, Washington and friend of Memo
    in the afterlife. Northwestern Anglo who knows very little about Mexican culture other
    than what he saw on TV and at Taco Bell. Loves sports.
  • Marcelus — Personable African-American angel from New Orleans, friend of Memo and Kenny. Hip on Cajun culture. Also enjoys sports and fishing.

La Familia:

  • Fevronia — Memo’s wife, mother of Ximena and grandmother of Fernando and
    Angelica. Spiritual and traditional, clings to many of her old Oaxacan ways. Strong-willed and clever in her own low-keyed and confident style.
  • Ximena — Daughter of Fevronia, mother of Fernando and Angelica. First generation
    Mexican-American who has worked hard to succeed in America, but cares about old
    Mexican traditions.
  • Rolando — Husband of Ximena, father of Fernando and Angelica. A third generation
    Mexican-American and La Raza Lawyer. Has an intellectual belief in the importance of maintaining his heritage and its rituals, but lacks the religious fervor of Fevronia.
  • Angelica — Americanized high school or college girl interested in teenage pursuits. Removed from and only vaguely interested in her heritage, she strives to be like the “rubias.”
  • Fernando — Teenage boy with a wandering attention span and virtually no interest in
    his heritage. He was, however, very close to his Abuelo Memo.

The Denizens of the Underworld (Mictlan):

  • Mictlantecuhtli — Lord of the Underworld, Aztec God of Death. Ill-tempered, duplicitous
    deity who torments selected spirits as they journey to and from Heaven. Loves sports
    and games. Does not get out of the underworld much, leaving him vulnerable to tricks
    from clever spirits.
  • Colmillos — Mictlantecuhtli’s nasty jaguar who prowls the underworld in search of spirits to torment.



Non-Equity/No pay

Please indicate your interest in auditioning or send email to kimmypren[at], with “audition interest” and role in the subject line.

NOTE: Audition participants and actors must present proof of vaccination and booster against COVID-19 or an officially administered negative COVID-19 test (within the previous 72 hours) along with a photo ID.