Auditions for Salvatori announced!

Salvatori by Sindy McKay

A new play written by two-time Emmy award winning writer Sindy McKay, Salvatori explores the consequences on a family when a vulnerable member is taken in by a religious cult. Auditions are 7:00 – 9:00 pm Monday July 12th and Tuesday July 13th at the theater – 2731 S. Victoria Ave. Oxnard. Callback Sunday July 18th if needed. Sides available on the Salvatori page.



SARA: late 50’s- early 60’s
Hebrew for “princess”, Sarah is an attractive woman without a clue that she is. She has always been taken care of and is quite adept at manipulating people into doing just that – a trait she is ashamed of.

HARRY: late 50’s- early 60’s
An English name meaning “estate protector”, Harry has always been in charge – and the strain of that is beginning to show.

LILY: late 20’s early 30’s – daughter of Sarah and Harry
Short for Lilith, the first mate of Adam in the Garden of Eden thought to be his equal. Lily has tried to be the strong, independent woman her mother wanted he to be – but she had no role model to show her the way. Unsure of her own instincts and authenticity, she is easy prey for a narcissistic cult leader.

PETER: mid 20’s – son of Sarah and Peter
From the Greek meaning “the rock”, Peter is an aspiring musician trying to find his strength, independence, and sexual identity.

JACK: 70’s
The name Jack is often a substitute for the word “man”, which is how Jack sees himself. All man. A trust fund baby , he is a handsome and charismatic man in his 70’s who wants to be a famous novelist when he grows up.

JULES: female, any age
Survivor of a hard life, she has the wisdom of a bartender who has pretty much seen it all.