ETCetera Stage — Eleemosynary

From director Aileen-Marie Scott:

Hey everyone. Just wanted to share some news about the production of Eleemosynary that I am directing for The Elite Theatre Company.  Because of this horrifying pandemic, and the “safer at home” order now extended till May 15, Eleemosynary will be pushed until Spring of 2021. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING!!  We are not another theater “casualty.” This was not an easy decision but, I feel, the correct decision.  And I believe a VERY positive one.

In my prep work for my auditions later this year, I just kept thinking about Bill Walthall’s production of Shakespeare’s Andronicus, and all the work that he, his production staff, and all those actors have put in on this demanding show, with the ever growing fear that they probably would not be able to perform it. I thought about all the other shows that had to close early, some after only one weekend, and some on opening night. I thought of those productions that were in rehearsal and then cancelled. Not knowing if their show would ever be performed.

So I kinda knew the right thing to do and I called Bill. I offered my time slot. Eleemosynary is just a poster at this point. Sure I have all my music picked out, sides prepared, ideas for publicity, etc etc.  But there is a production that has an already committed cast and crew ready to come to life before an audience.  

Bill was really hesitant at first, he did not want Eleemosynary to be yet another show postponed. He kindly did not want to do that to me. After a couple of weeks going back and forth, we decided together the correct thing to do. We are a theater COMMUNITY! As members of this community, Bill and I felt it important to create a way for both of these shows to be possible.

So his cast will now take the slot originally slotted for Eleemosynary. Which is incredibly exciting to me. A production moving forward during this time period. Making it work with zoom and lots of homework. Such dedication by all involved to make that show happen.  THAT IS THEATER. 

Eleemosynary WILL HAPPEN in spring of 2021. Huge thanks to Bill, and the Elite, for being so assertive in this decision!!!!

So ladies get ready!!! I have no doubt that this production is going to be very special. We are all going to come back from this thing with so much passion, the universe will feel it!!

Please DM me for more information about Eleemosynary!!!!