Volunteer at The Elite!

Do you love the theatre, but don’t have a desire to be on stage? Ever thought of running lights or sound? Interested in stage managing? Want to become one of The Elite?


No theater runs without all kinds of behind-the-scenes and front-of-house help. You could contribute to The Elite Theatre Company by volunteering to fulfill any of the following roles:

  1. Box Office – Be the first smiling face attendees meet as they enter the theatre to see the show. Sell tickets, check reservations off the list, direct people to the correct theater, tally up the day’s sales. Then get to stay and see the show yourself, for FREE!
  2. Concessions – No theater lobby is complete without the sale of treats and beverages. Be the person behind the concession counter selling candy, salty noshes, and non-alcoholic drinks. Make change and tally the sales after intermission. Then get to stay and see the show yourself, for FREE!
  3. Learn how to Stage Manage and run the show, from opening on!!! Be part of the creative process, and help grow The Elite Theatre Family!
  4. Learn how to run lights and/or sound for a show. We’ll teach you how to help the Stage Manager and House Staff make sure a show runs smoothly. Then get to stay and see the show yourself, for FREE!
  5. You might even be able to help paint the set. If you sew, you can help with costumes. Or if you love thrift shops, you might help in searching for props. Get your name in the program and see the show for FREE!


Whether you have volunteered in the past or never done it before, you can help keep The Elite Theatre Company alive, right here in Oxnard!!

Become one of The Elite and join The Elite Theatre Volunteer Program