South Stage

The South Stage gives the Elite Theatre Company the flexibility to present "irregular" content without displacing productions from the Main Stage. From monthly "Open Mic" nights, special shows like the "Mexican Schools" spoken-word event and the Shakespeare Summer Camp performance, to regularly scheduled fully mounted productions, the South Stage is a more intimate setting of just 45 seats with a "black box" environment.


A New Play by Kimberly Demmary

Directed by Jolyn Johnson 

May 24 – June 16, 2024 

SHE is the story of a Victorian House in San Francisco and the 4 incredible women who live there in the 60's, 90's, 2002, and present-day. The women, while not knowing each other personally, are connected through the house and their experiences. Each one is dealing with her own demons, relationships, reflections, and newfound strength. As their stories unfold and we learn more about Mrs. V, Adora, Nadine, and Victoria's lives we ultimately learn about the power of moving on. Love, loss, and self-discovery, all unfolding with the light of San Francisco shining in the background helping them along the way.

She is the heart, soul, and voice of the house. She not only guides us through the various decades but experiences it herself. She has wisdom to her as well as deep lived-in experiences that have shaped her. She is timeless.