Auditions at The Elite

The Elite Theatre Company Nontraditional Casting Policy

Unless otherwise contractually required by our licensing agreement, The Elite Theatre Company holds a nontraditional casting policy. Meaning we expect our directors to cast the best candidate for a role without considering the actor’s ethnicity, skin color, body shape, sex and/or gender when casting for a role.

- Streaming Performance Audition -

Ventura County Youth Playwright Competition Winner Yale Coopersmith is holding auditions for streaming performances of her Zoom Play -

Auditions will be held August 31st and September 1st from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM Please use the form below to schedule your audition.

When Harper boards the S.S Maine, the only thing she thinks she’ll see are some boring fish. Maybe a dolphin if she gets lucky. But then Harper meets Camille, who has the most intense eyes she’s ever seen. When their whole world gets rocked, they are the only people who can help each other stay above water. 

Please use the form below to schedule your audition

Float Auditions - 8/31/2020 - 9/1/2020


– Available Roles –

Harper – 15-17 teenage girl. Very energetic and friendly. Tends to ramble if she isn’t stopped. She can be quite stubborn, and has a hard time grasping the concept that some people don’t want to talk to her. Stubbornness can lead to a short temper at times. Very passionate about art, especially good at color theory.

Camille – 15-17 teenage girl. Very reserved, would rather turn into smoke than talk to people. Has a bit of anxiety due to her traumatic experience, and a whole load of trust issues. Seems like she doesn’t care, but behind the emotional shield she put up to protect herself, she cares quite deeply. If you get past Camille’s walls, she will be endlessly loyal to you. Very passionate about marine biology, which is the reason she’s on the scuba trip. When she falls in love, she falls hard and fast (due to the fact she doesn’t fall often).

Captain Christopher – 30-45 man. Very calm and down to earth captain of the ship. Mostly quiet, but will talk with the passengers if he’s in the mood. Cares deeply about the safety of everyone on his ship.

Coast Guard – 20-25 young adult. Poised and professional.