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Auditions at The Elite

The Elite Theatre Company Nontraditional Casting Policy

Unless otherwise contractually required by our licensing agreement, The Elite Theatre Company holds a nontraditional casting policy. Meaning we expect our directors to cast the best candidate for a role without considering the actor's ethnicity, skin color, body shape, sex and/or gender when casting for a role.

Audition Notice:

The Elite Theatre is proud to announce its upcoming production of:

The Light Remains

By: Arriana Rodriguez

Directed by: Hayley Silvers

July 19th – August 18th (Main Stage) Premiere performance


Eva Kravitz and Faye Dumont are at a pivotal point in their lives, the end of their high school career. As they go to  class, get ready for prom, and prepare themselves for graduation, Eva suddenly passes away, and Faye is left without her best friend. The Light Remains is a show about love and loss, learning to grieve while tackling the guilt of continuing to live your life, when someone else has lost theirs.

Important announcement! Auditions for The Light Remains at ETC have been canceled on 4/12 but will take place on 4/13 at 3 pm. 

Performers are requested to bring headshots and resumes to the audition.

All roles are open:

  • Eva Kravitz 18. High school senior. A shy and sweet person, Eva would be the girl next door in any other story. She is very smart and hardworking, thinks through what she says and does in great detail. Eva has big dreams and expectations for both herself and the people she cares about.
  • Faye Dumont 18. High school senior. The yang to Eva's yin. Faye is loud and a risk-taker. She has strong opinions and isn't afraid to voice them, incredibly loyal but is quick to judge and quick to action. Faye has aspirations of her own but doesn't have the confidence in herself to pursue them.
  • Zachary Alvarez 18. Goes by "Zack". Is known for being kind and sensitive, he is a good listener and pays attention to the little things that the people around him are doing. Very supportive and intuitive. Is dating Faye and spends a lot of their relationship being the voice of reason to her sharp accusations and feelings.
  • Jensen Holm 17. Sometimes is called "Jen". He is a jock type and definitely fits into the stereotype. Is in a relationship with Eva and, though he would never admit it, her drive and intelligence intimidate him. Is always a step or two behind everyone else, but is glad to be a part of the conversation, and has an underlying need to prove himself.
  • Rachel Kravitz 40s. Mother to David and Eva. Is struggling to keep her family healthy and happy, pulls away from the people close to her when she is stressed. Short temper.
  • David Kravitz 20s. Older brother to Eva. Selfless and fiercely loyal to his little sister. He often takes on the role of the mediator in the family.
  • Lucille Dumont 40s. Faye's mom. She is stern and has a "don't mess with me" attitude. Wants her child to succeed but doesn't always foster a nurturing environment.
  • Wayne Dumont 40s. Faye's dad. Kind and understanding. Though not always around as much as he should be, he deeply cares about his daughter and wants her to be happy.
  • Carlos Hernandez 18. High school senior. Close friend to Jensen prior to Eva's death. Is on the track team but doesn't fit in with the locker room talk atmosphere.
  • Principal Harris 30s-60s. High school principal. Rule follower and doesn't exactly connect with the students, but does have their best interest in mind.
  • Dennis Onasis 17. High school junior. Friend of Jensen. On the track team. Tries to fit in with the "cool" seniors and is desperate to be a part of the in-crowd.
  • Jack Taylor 17. High school junior. Friend of Jensen. On the track team. Kind of a stereotypical jock type, blunt and doesn't know how to read a room.

Non Equity/No pay

Please indicate your interest in auditioning or send email to with "audition interest" and role in the subject line.


Sides will be available at auditions, please come a bit early.